Knowledge and attitudes towards promoting blood donation among physiotherapy professors – Universidad de Santander

Angarita Fonseca, A. and Cruz Bermúdez, H.F. and Moreno Collazos, J.E.
Universidad y Salud, 13(2):181-186, 2013

Spanish Title: Conocimientos y actitudes hacia la promoción de la donación de sangre en docentes del programa de fisioterapia – Universidad de Santander


Objective: To determine knowledge and attitudes towards promoting blood donation in physiotherapy Program professors at the University of Santander – Colombia.
Materials and methods: We performed a cross-type study with professors of physical therapy program at the University of Santander – Colombia in 2013.
Results: The study population consisted of 21 professors in the physical therapy program with an average age of 37.05 years, the majority was female, the teaching experience was 9.20 years, and only 23.8% of professors had donated blood at some time in their life. Regarding the promotion of donation in classrooms, the donation was considered important by all professors. Among the reasons for not donating blood, “Scared of having your blood drawn” was the most important, and among reasons for donating, the main one was advertising.
Discussion: Professors are important actors in the process of promoting blood donation in the student population.

Keywords: blood, blood donors, blood banks, social marketing

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