Reproducibility of a test for the functional evaluation of dynamic balance and agility in elderly people

Fonseca, A.A. and García, C.L.A. and Collante, M.C.B. and Patiño, J.P. and Santisteban, R.N.R. and Carrascal, Y.T.A.
Iatreia, 27(3): 290-298, 2014


Objective: To evaluate the test-retest reliability and agreement level of the 8 foot up & go test in a sample of older adults from Bucaramanga, Colombia.
Materials and methods: An evaluation of diagnostic tests was done in 114 elderly individuals. In the analysis, we assessed the test-retest reliability of the 8 foot up & go test by the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC 2.1) with their respective confidence intervals at 95% (95% CI). The agreement level was established by the Bland-Altman method.
Results: The test-retest reliability of the 8 foot up & go test was very good (ICC: 0.98; 95% CI: 0.98- 0.99). The agreement was good in females (mean difference [MD] = 0.04 seconds and limits of agreement [LA]: -1.27; 1.36 seconds), and in elderly institutionalized (MD = 0.04 seconds [LA]: -3.18; 3.27 seconds).
Conclusion: The 8 foot up & go test has very good reliability and good agreement in a Colombian local elderly population.

Keywords: Elderly; 8 foot up & go test; Postural Balance; Reliability

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