Reliability of Arm Curl and Chair Stand tests for assessing muscular endurance in older people

Collantes, M.B. and García, C.L.A. and Fonseca, A.A. and Patiño, J.P. and Monsalve, A. and Gómez, E.
Revista Ciencias de la Salud, 10(2): 15-29, 2012

Spanish Title: Reproducibilidad de las pruebas Arm Curl y Chair Stand para evaluar resistencia muscular en población adulta mayor


Objective: to assess the test-retest reliability and level of agreement between measures of the 30-seconds (30-s) Arm Curl and 30-s Chair Stand test in a sample of older adults from Bucaramanga.
Materials and methods: a study of evaluation of diagnostic technology was done. Both tests were administered by the same evaluator to 111 adults older than 59-year-old (70,4 ± 7,3), on two occasions, with an interval of time between measures of 4 to 8 days. In the analysis, test-retest reliability was determined using the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient ICC= 2,1 with their confidence interval of 95% (95% CI) respective. The agreement level was established by the Bland and Altman method.
Results: the test-retest reproducibility of the 30-s Arm Curl test was very good ICC= 0,88 and the Chair Stand test was good ICC= 0,78. The agreement was very good for both tests of muscle endurance. The 95% CI was between -3,8 and 3,2 for the 30-s Chair Stand test and between -3,1 and 2,8 curls for the 30-s Arm Curl test.
Conclusion: the 30-s Arm Curl and the 30-s Chair Stand test have good reliability and agreement to assess muscle endurance in older adults functionally independent.

Keywords: physical fitness function, reliability, muscle endurance, elderly.

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