Social preconceptions of voluntary blood donors in a specific location. Bogota – Colombia

Cruz Bermudez, H. F. and Moreno Collazos, J. E. and Angarita-Fonseca, A.
Investigaciones Andina, 13(23): 250-257, 2011

Spanish Title: Imaginarios sociales de donantes voluntarios de sangre en un punto fijo de recolección. Bogotá – Colombia


Objective: To establish the main social preconceptions related to the voluntary donation of blood.
Methods: a descriptive transversal study of a sample of 100 adults. The data was gathered through the application of surveys conducted during the months of July to December 2010. The variables were: age, sex, origin, social and financial status, level of education, and main preconceptions related to the donation of blood. A descriptive analysis was conducted; the software used was Epilnfo version 3.5.1.
Results: the main preconception for women was “gaining weight” with 70.59%, while for men it was “blood is commercialized” with 36.36%.
Discussion: the age described in the study and the social and cultural aspects behave according to those predetermined; the social preconceptions are established mainly by the feminine gender with the weight increase.
Conclusion: the social preconceptions allow for the subjects to have a greater negative predisposition towards donating blood.

Keywords: Blood; Blood donation; Blood banks.

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