Motivational aspects of voluntary blood donors in a collection point of the city of Bogota, Colombia

Cruz Bermudez, H. F. and Moreno Collazos, J. E. and Angarita Fonseca, A. and Calderón Serrano, C. Y. and Restrepo Sierra, M. P.
Revista U.D.C.A Actualidad & Divulgación Científica, 15(1): 19-26, 2012

Spanish Title: Aspectos motivacionales de donantes voluntarios de sangre en un móvil de recolección de la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia.


The demand for blood donation makes it a constant activity, whereby knowing the motivational aspects for its implementation becomes a determinant in the formulation of strategies for the increase of donors and to strengthen the donation programs. The aim of this study was to establish the main motivations for voluntary donation in the population that attended a gathering point of Bogotá (Colombia). A descriptive transversal study was designed with a sample of 500 adults (28.8 ± 10.4 years), 58% female. A survey was done for data collection. The variables used were age, sex, socioeconomic status, the residence for the last five years, and the main motive for blood donating. A descriptive and a bivariate analysis applying the chi2 test were executed. The software used was Stata 11.0. The main motives for the donation were the promotion (18% CI 95% 14.7-21.7) and to save lives (14.4% CI 95% 11.4-17.8). People coming from socioeconomic levels I and II donated mainly motivated by the promotion (33.0%) and those from the socioeconomic levels III, IV and V donated mainly to save lives (38.4%). The interviewed population gave clear information about the aspects that motivated voluntarily and willingly blood donation, as to promote more donations and save lives, among others.

Keywords: Promotion, blood donation, socioeconomic level, blood bank.

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