Application of the 6 minute walk test and the modified Borg scale in subjects with different types of cancer

Moreno Collazos, J. E. and Cruz Bermúdez, H. F. and Angarita Fonseca, A.
Archivos de Medicina, 13(1):41-46, 2013

Spanish Title: Aplicación de la prueba de caminata de seis minutos y escala de Borg modificada en sujetos con diversos tipos de cáncer


Background: We applied the 6-minutes Walk Test (6MWT) and the Modified Borg Scale (MBS) on subjects with different types of cancer in patients from the Cancer Relief Foundation, Bucaramanga – Colombia.
Materials and methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study was made from June to December 2010.
Results: The sample consisted of 40 subjects, most 72.5% female, predominantly breast cancer 32.5%. There were statistically significant changes in physiological variables at the beginning and end of the 6MWT (p = <0.001). The average distance walked was 307.7 ± 93.9 meters.
Discussion: The decrease of the distance walked provides information about the decline of physical capacity in subjects with cancer.

Keywords: Dyspnea, test, Physical Therapy Specialty, Motor Activity.

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