Evaluation of prevalence reasons for inactivity and risk factors in a group of university students. Chía – Colombia

Moreno Collazos, J.E. and Cruz Bermúdez, H.F. and Angarita Fonseca, A.
Enfermeria Global, 13(2): 114-122, 2014

Spanish Title: Evaluación de razones de prevalencia para sedentarismo y factores de riesgo en un grupo de estudiantes universitarios. Chía – Colombia


Objective: to evaluate the reasons for inactivity prevalence and risk factors in a group of university students.
Methods: a descriptive transversal study conducted on 52 students in the programs of Physiotherapy, Nursing, and Medicine who attended a program of health promotion. An analysis of multiple Poisson regression to calculate prevalence ratios. The software used was Stata 11.0.
Results: be between 20 and 27 years old increased 2.7 (95% CI 1.2 to 5.7) the prevalence of physical inactivity compared to having between 17 and 19 years adjusted for cardiovascular risk and heart rate.
Discussion: the study established the prevalence ratios between risk factors associated with a sedentary lifestyle and risk factors, the most significant was age. We found a significant behavior in relation to the presence of sedentary students.

Keywords: Physical activity; College youth; Sedentary behavior.


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