Achievement of technological and scientific capacity in physical therapy services of Bucaramanga and Floridablanca

Pinzón-Ochoa, M.I. and Angarita-Fonseca, A. and Niño-Pinzón, D.M.
Revista de Salud Publica, 17(2): 254-266, 2015

Spanish Title: Cumplimiento de la capacidad tecnológica-científica en los servicios de Fisioterapia de Bucaramanga y Floridablanca


Objective: To identify the achievement of the condition of technological and scientific capacity of a sample of physical therapy and respiratory services from the urban area of Floridablanca and Bucaramanga.
Methodology: A descriptive study was performed with a set of samples not based on probabilities out of convenience. The sample consisted of four health service provider institutions in the town of Floridablanca and three institutions from the urban area of Bucaramanga. During the year 2011, two checklists were applied in order to verify the fulfillment of standards of habilitation and to find the reasons for their non-compliance in some of their requisites.
Results: Three institutions in Floridablanca belong to the first level of care and one to the second level of care; the standards with the lowest fulfillments are: Risk follow-up with a median fulfillment score of 0 (Range: 0-12); Medical Records of care with a median of 9.5 (Range: 0-100) and the standard of priority procedures with a median of 18 (Range: 9-27). In Bucaramanga, two institutions belong to the second level of care and one to the third level of care. The lowest standards in fulfillment were: Medications and devices with zero for one institution, Priority procedures with a median of 60 (Range: 0-89), and physical installations with a median of 73 (Range: 64-84).
Conclusions: The results show a non-compliance with the essential requisites of habilitation even though these are demanded by the territorial organizations in each health department, district, and municipality.

Keywords: Health services, quality of health care, respiratory therapy, licensure

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