Content validity of the scale of barriers to cardiac rehabilitation

Sánchez Delgado, J. C. and Jácome Hortúa, A. and Pinzón, S. and Angarita Fonseca, A.
Universidad y Salud, 17(2): 170-16, 2015

Spanish Title: Validez de contenido de la escala de barreras para la rehabilitación cardíaca

Introduction: This research was based on the absence of instruments with appropriate psychometric properties, adapted for Colombia, which evaluate the barriers of access to cardiovascular rehabilitation programs.
Objective: To determine the content validity of the barriers scale for cardiac rehabilitation in the Colombian population.
Methods and materials: A study of diagnostic tests was done. In the first phase, two native speakers of Spanish and one of English were required to translate and retro translate the original questionnaire. In the second phase, the transcultural adaptation was done and the validity of content was assessed by a panel of four experts with experience in research, sports medicine, and cardiac rehabilitation.
Results: The instrument was translated and adapted to the Colombian Spanish. The panel of experts decided to remove the item 18 from the original scale. The content validity index was acceptable for the majority of the items, except for items 10, 15, and 18, where modifications were made in terms of words, phrases or conjugations according to the recommendations of the panel. On the other hand, the content validity index of relevance was 0.86 and the content validity index of pertinence was 0.88.
Conclusion: There is an instrument that evaluates the barriers of access to cardiovascular rehabilitation adapted to the Colombian population programs and with content validity, so the results to be obtained from the application of the scale will be valid. However, it is suggested to continue with the evaluation of the reproducibility of the instrument.

Keywords: Validity of testing, cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart disease, rehabilitation, questionnaires

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