Attitudes towards exercise and physical activity in health professionals: A cross-sectional study, 2015

Sánchez-Delgado, J.C. and Escobar-Pinzón, S.G. and Vega-Camacho, J.D. and Porras-Solano, A.J. and Angarita-Fonseca, A.
Archivos de Medicina (Manizales), 2016

Spanish Title: Actitudes hacia el ejercicio físico y práctica de actividad física en profesionales de la salud: estudio de corte transversal, 2015


Objective: to describe attitudes towards exercise and compliance with the recommendations of Physical Activity (PA) of health professionals belonging to an Institutional Health Service Providers (IHSP) from Bucaramanga.
Materials and methods: a descriptive exploratory study, conducted in 33 subjects (36.06 ± 7.77 years, 72.73% women) who were given a questionnaire that included 7 questions in a Likert-type scale, two multiple-choice single answers, and the short version of the IPAQ.
Results: most reports have a good attitude towards physical exercise and 42.4% meet the recommendations of PA according to WHO. In the exploratory analysis, the attitude related to achieving the recommendations of physical activity was, I am satisfied with the education in physical exercise I have received. Those who reported disagree, strongly disagree, neither agree nor disagree met lesser extent these recommendations (p = 0.039).
Conclusions: all the participants evaluated recommend having good physical activity habits, exercising, and also they suggest AF to prevent and deal with illnesses. On the other hand, it was noticed that not being satisfied with the academic knowledge learned about physical exercise can be an obstacle to follow all the physical activity recommendations.

Key Word: exercise, attitude, physical activity

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