Effect of stretching versus stretching after application of ultrasound on the extensibility of the hamstring muscles in adult women

Anaya Niño, C. and Angarita Fonseca, A. and Villamizar Rayón, G. A.
UstaSalud, 16: 35-42, 2017

Spanish Title: Efecto del estiramiento mantenido versus el estiramiento mantenido previa aplicación de ultrasonido sobre la extensibilidad de los músculos isquiotibiales en mujeres adultas


Objective: To compare the effects of maintained stretch (MS) versus ultrasound (US) + MS on the extensibility of the hamstring muscles in adult women.
Methods: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial was conducted. Fourteen women (22.3 ± 3.9 years) were randomly assigned to two groups, MS (7 minutes) prior US (US + MS), n=8, and MS for 7 minutes, n=6. The differences between assessments were compared using the student’s t-test; the effect of the intervention was evaluated by analysis of covariance.
Results: There was a significantly increase in the flexibility of lower limbs in both groups. In the US + MS group increased -8.75 ± 5.5; while the increase in the MS group was -3.5 ± 2.7; when comparing the groups, no statistically significant differences were found. A statistically significant increase was found in the final measurements in the US + MS intervention group, -5.8 (95% CI: – 10.9; -0.67, p = 0.030) compared with the MS group adjusting only for baseline score.
Conclusion: A single exposure to US + MS is sufficient to enhance the gains in hamstring extensibility in adult women compared to MS.

Keywords: Ultrasound, stretching, flexibility, extensibility, physiotherapy.

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